Next On Campus Planning Meeting

 We had a great first session at the library earlier this month, Yusor and Deah’s talk about dental hygene was super fun and engaging with lots of great activities that the kids got a blast out of! A big thanks to our speakers and everyone who helped out with the talk!

   Our next on-campus meeting will be Thursday, November 6th at 5:45 in Venable 2301. At the meeting, we will have a demonstration of an early SITS talk on bioluminescence. This will be to give our newer members an idea of how these activities tend to go in terms of structure and whatnot. We’ll have a discussion of the talk, as well as a chance to do some more brainstorming.

   On that note, we are also still looking to fill our slot for December 14th at the library. If you are interested, Just shoot us an email ( or use the form on the web site ( and we will hold the space for you. You don’t need to have a fully formed idea in any sense in order to reserve a spot, and it can certainly change as well. We would like to know if we’ll be giving a talk in December by November 6th, so please let us know asap!

Many of you also indicated an interest in speaking in 2015, and so we will also start planning out our schedule for the new year at the upcoming meeting.

See you all on the 6th!


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