Our next program will be taking place this  Sunday, July 13 in Meeting Room A at the Chapel Hill Public Library. We will be talking about space travel this time around – what it takes to get to and travel through space and the latest research on life surviving outside of Earth.

We are switching things up a little bit this time with two programs running that afternoon.

Kids Lab   3:00 PM – 4:00 PM    Family Event
Come learn about how astronauts plan what to bring with them on a trip to the moon, or even further! Then, decide how you would pack for your own trip to space by designing a water bottle rocket of your own and launching it off the balcony of the library!

Science in the News     4:30 PM- 5:30       Suggested for adults and teens

Bacteria in Space!: Interested in learning about living in space? Come join a discussion on the latest news about bacteria on Mars! Lead by Nicole Spahich, a doctoral student at UNC. Come for a lively discourse on how biology can cope beyond the Earth.



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